Microphone & Music Stand Accessories

Designed by Musicians for Musicians.

Connecting Hubs Included With Every Order.

600 and 640 Twist and Lock Hubs Included.


My "Musician's Office" harmonica and tray are amazing. No more bending over, or finding a chair to rest my harps, capo, glasses or whatever. Everything I need is always in reach, and the modular design lets me bring exactly what I need to any gig. Highly recommended.

Jay Moonah @brokefuse

Thanks Bill for your CD and water bottle holder for my mic stand. Both work great and I'm happy to say I have sold more CD's as a result of them. Great products...well done.

John Lemme @JohnLemme

Highly recommended. I have been using "Musician's Office" for 6 months now. It's the coolest gizmo I have ever had. My favorite part is the holder for picks and my capo. I don't think I would ever want to do without one again. So handy. So inventive. Thanks Bill.

Blaine Burnie @BlaineBurnie

Guinness World Record

Introduced during the 2016 Guinness world record for the longest concert by multiple artists as the official drink holder, pick tray and CD display holder. Field tested by over 1000 performers over a period of 18 days. A total of 437 hours of non-stop music. 

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