Our Founder

 Founder, William Black.

William Black has been an engineer and musician for more than 30 years. After performing countless times with no place to safely place his refreshments, guitar picks and promote his CD during a performance, he knew he could create a solution. In 2016, using his machinist expertise, he designed and manufactured, utilizing CAD software and 3D printing technology, the first collection of Musician’s Office products: a drink tray, pick holder and CD display holder. He first showcased the products at the Guinness world record for the longest concert by multiple artists showcase. Although he knew he had developed something special, he could not have anticipated the rave reviews and positive feedback he would receive. Selling out within just a few days, Musician’s Office products became a staple for over 1000 artists at the 18-day event. It was then, right here in Toronto, The Musician’s Office was born.

Since then, bringing together his two greatest passions, music and engineering, William has dedicated his time and expertise to the creation of over a dozen unique products. From one musician to another, he understands the pain points of performing, and personally tests and retests to perfection every creation. As a machinist, his knowledge and expertise allow him to continually create quality and innovative solutions. His priority is always to ensure that each product is easy to use, maintains a sleek, modern design and is made with durable materials. When he’s not creating, William is always happy to perform and connect with his fellow musicians, either entertaining as a solo musician, Bill Black Music or in a duet, The Work'n Dawgs.